Crimea Brought to Kyiv Stage

Actors told their audiences real stories about Crimea


The Crimean peninsula was brought to the stage in Kyiv.

At the Post Play Theater, in a production called “Crimea is Mine,” actors shared their real memories of Crimea with improvised storytelling that made each performance unique.

The audience wasn’t seated as they would be in a traditional theater, instead, the action happened all around them.

“This performance is about movement. This is what makes it different from a movie. We feel the actors in the hall,” playgoer Volodymyr Ilkiv said.

The performance features two actors playing themselves. One of them, Antov Ovchinnikov, told the audience about his idea of cycling across Crimea.

Actress and director Halyna Dzhykayeva presented her vision of Crimea. She believes access to the peninsula may be closed forever due to persecution by the Russian FSB.

“It’s a story about how each of us remembers Crimea. Our theater offers no answers, we ask questions,” Dzhykayeva said.

Most of the playgoers were Crimeans.

“They talked about my favorite places, which have their own emotions, their own history,” playgoer Maria Osmanova said.

“Crimea is Mine” was also performed in Kharkiv.

Source UATV
date 05.11.2018
categories Crimea, News releases
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