Crimea Water Shortages Threaten the Peninsula, Russian Occupation at Fault

The Russian occupation government is creating a potential environmental disaster in Crimea


Photo from UNIAN


The illegally annexed Crimean peninsula is facing a grave environmental disaster as salt marshes are actively forming. The local population could experience an acute freshwater shortage this year. This was reported by UNIAN.

Tamila Tashev, a coordinator with the Crimea SOS initiative, says that is a result of the ruthless exploitation of Crimea and its resources by the Russian occupation government, Obozrevatel reports.

“The environmental consequences are very serious in Crimea, especially in the north of the peninsula. We have seen these consequences in Armiansk with the Crimean Titan factory. There they have reservoirs with chemicals that were supposed to remain underwater, but due to lack of water, they evaporate much faster. It’s not the first year we’ve been seeing such problems, “she said.

The human rights activist said water would not “re-appear on the peninsula just like that,” adding that for the last five years, Crimea residents were simply lucky to have enjoyed frequent rains.

“If you talk to farmers in the north of Crimea, they explain that they cannot do their business as they did before. In fact, this is the devastation of the lands. Also, they’ve been drilling deep wells to pump water. This will entail fatal consequences,” she said.

Ukraine blocked the freshwater supply to Crimea after the peninsula was illegally seized by Russia in 2014. Ukraine used to cover up to 85% of Crimea’s demand for freshwater through the North-Crimean Canal that delivered water from the Dnipro River.

Source Unian
date 08.03.2019
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