Crimean Activist Bekirov Seen by Five Medical Experts

The recently released Kremlin political prisoner has been seen by numerous doctors to asses his medical condition


Photo from Ukrinform – UATV


Recently freed political prisoner Edem Bekirov, a Crimean Tatar activist, has been examined by five medical experts so far.

His wife, Gulnara Bekirova, said this during an interview with Channel 5.

“He is a person of optimism, so his condition, as for his personality, is good. He is happy to be in his Motherland. The fifth doctor has already gone today [September 8, 2019], we are waiting for the cardiologist. He has the fluid transfer system attached now. They are fixing his insulin now, preparing the scheme,” said Bekirova.

She said that Bekirov is still concerned about the remaining Ukrainians who are still being kept in Russian dungeons, as he called them.

Source UATV
date 08.09.2019
categories Crimea
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