Crimean Tatar Activist Rayim Ayvazov Detained

Ayvazov was taken at a checkpoint on the administrative border


Photo Facebook/Crimean Solidarity


On Tuesday, close to midnight, at the administrative border crossing, Russian border guards detained Crimean Tatar activist Rayim Ayvazov, Crimean Solidarity reported.

Relatives vainly tried to reach the activist by phone for almost 14 hours, until he got in touch from the Simferopol FSB center, accused of terrorism.

According to the updated information, also reported by Crimean Solidarity, Rayim Ayvazov reached his sister by phone at 2:30pm.

“He is accused under the provision of the second part of the article 205 of the Russian Criminal Code (participation in a terrorist organization) and his case is included with the lawsuit on 23 Crimean Tatars Muslims, detained on March 27, 2019,” the message says.

Previously, Crimean Solidarity reported that relatives of Rayim Ayvazov started searching for him after he became unavailable around 3:00am.

His wife called the Border Service and the FSB Simferopol Department, and failing to find her husband, finally reported the abduction to the police.

“The detainee’s family arrived in Simferopol, according to the address given by the border guards, but were refused any information. The relatives call the police hotline to file a statement about the abduction at the border,” the report stated.

Rayim Khalilovich Ayvazov is a resident of the Kamenka district of the Simferopol region, a Crimean Tatar activist who was organizing the supply of aid for political prisoners detained in Rostov-on-Don.

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date 17.04.2019
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