Cultural Center for Kyiv Medieval Residential Quarter to be Constructed

A competition was held for the design of the new center


Photos from Radio (RFE/RL)


A historical and tourist center “River Gate of the Сhiliadal Kyiv” will be built on the place of the archaeological site of Kievan Rus times, the Kyiv city quarter of the 11th-12th centuries, the press center of the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine reported.

According to the release, “a creative team of young architects – Lyudmila Bazhenova (architect), Vyacheslav Gotsalyuk (design engineer) and Alexander Prikhodko (design engineer)” became the winners of the competition for the architectural concept for the forthcoming tourist site.


“The history of the discovery of this site is extraordinary — it could have remained unnoticed and destroyed by construction workers, but it was found in 2014, and we started serious work together with the city and professional community,” Minister of Culture of Ukraine Yevgen Nyshchuk said during the event on the occasion of the conclusion of the competition.

During the event, Minister presented merit certificates “For personal contribution to the preservation of the cultural heritage of Ukraine” to dedicated specialists and caring citizens that have joined the actions on the preservation of the monument.


According to the press release, the competition was held in two rounds. Adult citizens, who are interested in the rehabilitation of the educational and tourist resource of Poshtova Square, took part in the first round. After this round was completed, there was a second round with professional architects running the competition.

According to the minister, further work on the archaeological project should be focused on the development of the monument to have it added to the UNESCO World Heritage Site list.


Medieval streets during the Kievan Rus times were excavated during the Spring of 2015 at Poshtova Square. According to archaeologists, wooden structures were erected here in the 11th-12th centuries. Many findings have been discovered on the territory of the block that have changed the understanding of ​​medieval Kyiv city borders. In particular, archaeologists found princely seals, as well as evidence of glass production in one of the structures.



The site is now protected as a national archeological monument and has been since May 22, 2019.

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date 23.07.2019
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