Czech MP Insults Ukraine on TV Program

A Czech MP said that Ukraine is a 'fascist regime' while on a television show in the Czech Republic


Photo Ukrinform – UATV


Ukraine’s Embassy in the Czech Republic has expressed indignation at unacceptable statements made by Czech MP Stanislav Grospic in relation to the Ukrainian government and expects them to be condemned by the leadership of the Chamber of Deputies, according to a statement posted on the embassy’s website.

“Yesterday, during a news program on Czech television, deputy Stanislav Grospic of the Chamber of Deputies of the Parliament of the Czech Republic allowed himself to call the Ukrainian government a ‘fascist regime.’ Unfortunately, these openly defamatory insults, inappropriate in the civilized world, have not received a proper reaction from the host of the television program,” the embassy said.

The embassy added that it usually does not react to communist statements, especially since the communist ideology, as well as the Nazi ideology, is banned in Ukraine.

“However, given that the person in question serves as head of a parliamentary committee, we would expect his statements to be condemned by the leadership of the Chamber of Deputies. We also hope that Czech television will not tolerate such statements in their broadcasts in the future.”

Source Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine
date 08.02.2019
categories Politics
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