D-Day: Normandy Memories

Following this weekend's bank holiday in the U.S., Europe will also observe the anniversary of the allied invasion of Nazi-controlled France in World War II next month.


Frank DeVita still has nightmare’s of the bloodbath that was the D-Day invasion.

Ferrying troops to Omaha Beach, his job was to lower a ramp when the craft got to shore.

When he finally dropped the ramp, he said 14 or 15 troops were immediately raked by machine gun fire.

“Now on the boat, I got dead and I got wounded and I got live soldiers and they’re crying ‘momma, momma, momma.’ You know everybody thinks you cry to God. When you’re dying, you cry momma,” DeVita said.

One soldier fell at his feet. DeVita said he remembers the soldier’s blood.

“I couldn’t help him because I could even help myself. I had nothing. I had no morphine and nothing to help this kid,” he said.

This June he’ll make his 12th trip back to Normandy.

“I want to come back because every time I come back I bring somebody, that’s never been there before and I see through their eyes,” DeVita said. “Place your hand and our white marble and say to yourself ‘six feet down, there is a boy, probably 20 years old, 19-20 years old. He gave his life for his country’. And then you lift your eyes up and you see 94-hundred white marble tombstones. They all gave their lives for their country,” DeVita.

On June 6, 1944, 160,000 Allied troops landed on the beaches of Normandy to fight Nazi Germany. That day more than 9,000 Allied Soldiers were killed or wounded.

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date 24.05.2019
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