A Day at Kyiv’s Ivan Bohun Lyceum

Considered one of the best military schools in Ukraine, Kyiv's Ivan Bohun Lyceum opened its doors to visitors, and our correspondent went to see what its students learn.


Kyiv’s Ivan Bohun Lyceum is holding an open house.

The tour starts at the gym. A phys-ed class is taking place, because the students go to classes even on Saturday. There is new equipment, including a climbing wall, on which students work in pairs.  Boxing and heptathlon are also included. Special attention is given to the students’ physical training. In warmer months, sports are played outside. But while it’s cold  the stadium is being repaired and equipped with a volleyball court.

A Homeland Defense lesson is taking place here. Lyceum students practice defensive and offensive actions. Their teacher participated in the Donbas war during the peak of hostilities — in 2014 and 2015.

“Lyceum students practice different elements like covert movement. Those in the trenches are waiting for an artillery barrAge. On command, they must take their positions. These are fast dashes that last no more than five minutes. They also learn to operate radio communications in order to transmit information quietly and not give themselves away. Students see this as a game, but we see that they are doing well, and that we are raising true defenders of Ukraine,” said the professor, Volodymyr Lysachenko.

Stepan is a freshman and this is his second time in the tactical field. He says the lesson is not simple, but very interesting, and when they take offensive actions, there is a lot of excitement.

“Offensives are hard. When you are on a defensive you are in a trench, protected by ground and it’s hard to displace you. When you are on an offensive you have to look for cover, run, make important decisions that might save your life, and the lives of your comrades, and to achieve victory,” said lyceum student, Stepan Starodubtsev.

After the lyceum, Stepan wants to go to the Lviv Academy of Land Forces to become a combat engineer.

“My father was a combat engineer, and I would like to continue doing what he did. He took part in the war, he got out of Ilovaisk. He commanded a platoon in a Donbas battalion and was injured near Debaltseve. He had to leave the armed forces because of his health,” he said.

This year the lyceum created its first all-female platoon. They are trained in warfare exactly like the boys. Professors say that the female students are highly motivated and cope with all of their tasks.

There are two shooting ranges at the lyceum. Students are trained to shoot pistols, assault rifles and machine guns. Tymofiy came from the Zaporizhia region, to see the lyceum for himself.

“I liked combat training the most. I would love to get accepted. I need to work on my fitness to get in,” said 9th grade student, Tymofiy.

Aside from combat and military classes, students also take dancing lessons. Every cadet will have to be ready for the graduation ball.

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date 03.11.2019
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