Demand for Electric Cars on the Rise in Ukraine

Electric car purchases rose 42 percent over the same period last year


Photo Ukrinform/UATV

A total of 5,081 electric cars were registered in Ukraine from January to September.

That’s 42 percent more than in the same period last year, Ukrautoprom Ukrainian Motor Vehicles Manufacturers Association stated in a report.

“In the first nine months of 2019, almost 5,500 electric vehicles were imported and registered in Ukraine, including 397 commercial vehicles and 5,081 passenger cars. Compared to the previous year, the demand for commercial vehicles powered solely by an electric motor has doubled, and that for electric cars has grown by 42 percent,” the report reads.

Ninety-one percent of all registered electric vehicles were used cars. The most popular ones are cars under five years old, and 52 percent of them were just purchased. The share of cars older than five years was 39 percent. Almost 9 percent was the share of new electric vehicles.

Nissan Leaf has been the most popular brand among passenger electric vehicles with 2,500 purchases. Tesla Model S came in second place, with 435 Ukrainian buyers choosing it. The BMW i3 took third place, with 276 purchases.

Among commercial electric cars, the best result was shown by Renault Kangoo Z.E., with 363 vehicles (over 90 percent of sales) purchased in the first three quarters of the year.

In 2018, Ukrainians purchased 5,300 electric cars, which was almost twice as many as 2017.

Source Ukrinform
date 08.10.2019
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