Democrats Pass Plan to Reopen U.S. Government

United States President Donald Trump has said he would veto the plan which does not fully fund a border wall with Mexico




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The United States House of Representatives, led by Democrats, approved a plan to re-open the American government without fully-funding President Donald Trump’s proposed border wall, which he had initially promised would be paid for by the Mexican government.

Democrats will visit Trump at the White House today in another attempt to end the partial government shutdown.

Non-essential services of the American government – about a quarter of it – have been shut down since Dec. 22 with some 800,000 government employees going unpaid.

Trump claimed ownership of the shutdown in a meeting with soon-to-be appointed House majority leader Nancy Pelosi and Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer of the Democrats.

The largely party-line votes by the new Democratic majority came after Trump made a surprise appearance at the White House briefing room to pledge a continued fight for his a wall between the United States and Mexico. While the House bill includes $1.3 billion for border fencing and $300 million for other border security items such as technology and cameras, Trump is demanding $5.6 billion for a wall.

The Democratic package to end the shutdown includes a bill to temporarily fund the Department of Homeland Security at current levels through Feb. 8 as bipartisan talks continue. It was approved, 239-192.

Democrats also approved, 241-190, a separate measure funding the Agriculture, Interior and other departments through Sep. 30.

The homeland security bill is virtually identical to a plan the Senate adopted by voice vote last month. The GOP-controlled House rejected the plan the next day, forcing a partial shutdown.

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date 04.01.2019
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