Details of Grenade Explosion in Starobilsk

The explosion killed the perpetrator and wounded several others in the bank


Photo from Ukrinform-UATV


Police have determined the cause for a deadly hand grenade blast in Starobilsk, Luhansk region, in a local PrivatBank branch there. The details were posted by the Deputy Head of the National Police, Luhansk region, Viacheslav Abrosin on Facebook.

The perpetrator was identified as a former participant in the Anti-Terrorist Operation in 2014-2016 with the Aidar battalion.

On May 17, 2019, this man, who was not named, entered the PrivatBank branch in Starobilsk and was using what appeared to be counterfeit passport. The bank employees were going to call the police when the man detonated the grenade.

“Wounds killed the man on the spot. In addition, police officers, three bank workers and three visitors were wounded and received injuries. According to the investigation findings, the personal data of the dead was identified — a resident of Luhansk region, born in 1966, participated in ATO as a member of the battalion Aidar. He was arrested earlier under the suspicion of kidnapping,” Abroskin posted.

According to him, weapons and grenades were found and seized at the man’s home. On May 18, 2019, the police also found a cache of weapons at the home of a close acquaintance. Those weapons were also seized.

Source UATV
date 19.05.2019
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