Developer Creates Remote Control Reality Game to Explore Prypiat

Ukrainian developers have created the world's first remote control reality game. They call Isotopium. In this game, players from all over the world can control a robotic tank, which drives through the streets and abandoned buildings of Ukraine's ghost town of Prypiat


Oleksiy Fateev is a software engineer and the founder of Isotopium, thought to be the world’s first online reality game where players control real remote-controlled robots in real-time.

“As of now – more than 55,000 people have registered and tried to play over half a year. The game became more popular after we created the campaign on Kickstarter. Bloggers started playing it, and we understood that the game would become popular around the world, he said.

“It took us two years to construct everything. We have 20 robots, and we are making 30 more. We are working now on a shooting function. We launched the project on Kickstarter to finish the last part of the project. Players will be able to chase each other and shoot at each other. Now the game looks like a quest,” head manager of Isotopium project Serhiy Beskrestnov said.

Now, Isotopium is trying to find a big strategic investor to build a larger project with 1,000 robots.

“Next project is Mars. We are doing and we will do the project on colonization of Mars. This will be a big project consisting of two levels. We’ll have robotic builders there. They will carry out construction work, build landfills, and other buildings. We have a lot of offers. That is, there are a lot of ideas and their applications. We’ve shown that it is possible,” Beskrestnov said.

Source UATV
date 17.03.2019
categories Technologies
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