Dining Out Ninja Style

If you're a ninja wannabe and a hearty eater, there is a themed cafe in Tokyo just for you. It offers its guests food and drinks while teaching the ninja arts


Long waits in fine restaurants can infuriate even the calmest customers. But this Japanese restaurant has found a solution. Its staff offers people a chance to try on Ninja clothes and teaches them how to use knives, shurikens and darts.

“We did darts. I think because there’s a mouthpiece, so it’s kind of easier for me, especially since I’m a trumpet player, so I have the embouchure,” visitor Max Yousaf said.

“We want people to think this is the most fun place in all of Tokyo, in all of Japan. So, all of our staff is doing its best to make this experience really exciting,” master ninja Tomoi Akiya said.

Waiters, who learned these ancient arts themselves, play the role of mentors. They tell restaurant-goers a range of stories about ninja weapons and their use.

“Our goal is to put on events that are “Japan’s first…” or “World’s first…” We hope to stage more events that no one has ever seen before,” Akiya said.

The food and drinks are also ninja-themed, ranging from black ‘ninja ginger ale’ — to ninja pasta and ninja curry, where the rice is shaped like a shuriken. And especially the restaurant’s trademark, flaming jutsu pudding.

Source UATV
date 16.07.2019
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