Disengagement Near Petrivske & Bohdanivka Ongoing

Both the Ukrainian and Russian-led sides have three days to complete the disengagement. The section will we prepared for demining after the withdrawal finishes


Photos UATV / Ihor Medelian

Disengagement of forces at the front line near the villages of Petrivske and Bohdanivka has gotten started.

“The practical stage of the forces and hardware disengagement in section #3 — Bohdanivka, Petrivske — started today,” Andriy Aheyev, head of the press center of Ukraine’s Joint Forces Operations (JFO) told journalists at 12:20 p.m. today from the disengagement zone.


Press officer also said that before the start of disengagement, OSCE patrol members confirmed to the Ukrainian side the readiness of the armed formations to carry out the withdrawal.


“There was a white signal rocket (at 12:01 p.m.), and a green signal rocket at 12:10 p.m., respectively. Additionally, we’ve gotten confirmation from the OSCE monitoring patrols,” Aheyev said.

The sides have three days to complete the disengagement. The section will be demined after the withdrawals are finished.

Disengagement of forces and equipment in three front line sections, near Stanytsia Luhanska (section#1), near Zolote (section #2), and near the villages of Bohdanivka and Petrivske (Section#3) were agreed to at the Trilateral talks in Minsk between Ukraine, the OSCE, and the illegal armed formations backed by the Russian Federation, in September, 2016.

Back in 2016, the pilot disengagement of forces in Petrivske had been already tried, but the illegal formations had broken the deal by violating the ceasefire regime for more than two hours.

“The withdrawal had already been tried in this part of the front line once in 2016. But the enemy started moving ahead, and the Ukrainian side again advanced to these positions,” the Deputy Head of the Commander of the JFO, general-major Bohdan Bondar said.

“If shelling or any provocations were to resume, then a commander of the section detachment with the consent of the brigade commander would consider returning to previous positions,” Bondar said.

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date 09.11.2019
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