‘Don Giovanni’ Premiers in Donbas

The opera was staged with the help of more than 200 international artists


The Ukrainian Academic Music and Drama Theater moved to Severodonetsk from Luhansk, when the war broke out in 2014. Now, the opera “Don Giovanni” is being staged here with the help of more than 200 artists from all over Ukraine, Latvia, Germany, Armenia, Belarus and Poland. It is part of an opera project called “Music Overcomes Walls.”

“It is very important that Europeans come here. To understand our life and the world around us. Not a lot of people would voluntarily agree to come here. But our team realized that it is crucial to stage such a project here, to unite people, to show that shooting weapons is not an option,” project manager Peter Schwarz said.

The project is partially financed by Germany’s Ministry of External Affairs and international partners. The idea to stage the world-renowned opera appeared two years ago. It took two months to get through all the preparations.

“Sometimes we get offers that we are just unable to say no to. I had to learn my part very fast and exchange my summer by the seaside for a piece of art created by Mozart,” actress Valeriya Tulis said.

The premiere received a standing ovation.

“The performance turned out really modern. I liked it. Especially the innovative approach towards staging the play and casting the actors. I am amazed. Couldn’t take my eyes off the stage,” a theater-goer named Olena said.

“I liked it. It was interesting, new and unusual. the voices are wonderful and the orchestra did a great job,” another theater-goer by the name of Julia said.

Mozart’s opera “Don Giovanni” will be performed on stage in Severodonetsk for another three nights.

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