Tusk to Visit Ukraine Jan. 2019

The meeting is planned to be held on the eve of the European Union summit


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European Council President Donald Tusk plans to visit Ukraine at the beginning of next year, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko said.

The leaders spoke after the Summit of the European People’s Party Congress in Helsinki, Finland.

Poroshenko plans to hold a meeting with Tusk on the eve of the European Union summit, during which the issue of prolonging sanctions on Russia is to be discussed.

“If you are against the rule of law and independent judiciary, if you place the state and the nation against, or above, the freedom and dignity of the individual, if you wish for conflict and divisions globally and inside the European Union, if you support Putin and attack Ukraine, if you are in favor of the aggressor and against the victim, you are not a Christian Democrat. If you want to replace the Western model of liberal democracy with an Eastern model of “authoritarian democracy,” you are not a Christian Democrat. We all want to win the upcoming elections. But let us remember that at stake in these elections are not benefits and jobs, but the protection of our fundamental values. Because without them, our victory will make no sense,” Tusk said in Helsinki.

Photo from AP

Poroshenko said that Ukraine has received significant support from EU leaders, especially in respect to the extension of sanctions against Russia.

“I call on the European leaders to mobilize, to ensure unity and to prolong the sanctions against the Russian Federation in view of the complete lack of progress in the implementation of the Minsk Agreements, in ensuring ceasefire, in withdrawal of Russian troops and artillery from the territory of Ukraine, and the release of hostages held in the occupied territories and in prisons. I felt a powerful sense of support from the European Union,”  Poroshenko said.

Tusk also praised Ukraine for reaching a successful agreement with the IMF that will contribute to Ukraine’s macroeconomic stabilization.

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date 08.11.2018
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