Over Dozen Dead Dolphins Found On the Coast of the Black Sea

The dolphins were found on the west coast of occupied Crimea

Photo from Facebook Serene Sea


Rescue and rehabilitation center for marine mammals Serene Sea reported massive mortality of dolphins in the occupied Crimean city of Yevpatoria, on March 15 and 17 on the coast of the Azov Sea on Facebook.

14 out of 16 dolphins, found on the shore are relict Phocoena species which inhabit the Black, Azov, and Marmara Seas only.

All the animals lay at about the same distance from the shoreline. They were thrown out by a storm about two weeks ago.

Employees of the center found four corpses which, according to their information, were thrown on the shore earlier than others. Traces of rough nets were found on the bodies of some of them. Others have cut and damaged fins, one has a cut tail fin.

Bodies of the other 12 bear deep cuts. Employees of the center claim that they found the dolphin bodies every 30-200 meters, and at one of the coastal areas three bodies were found in one place.

Based on the nature and severity of the damage, as well as their position relative to the water’s edge and each other specialists concluded that all mammals died due to getting caught in nets for flounder or sturgeon.

Source UATV
date 21.03.2019
categories Science
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