Eco-friendly Coffee Glasses

The glasses are made from coffee grinds


Ukrainian optician Maksym Havrylenko has created unique eco-sunglasses from coffee and flax.

They don’t harm the environment and decompose completely in a few years. The glasses are also hard to damage – the material is both firm and flexible.

Maksym and his wife Maryna live not far from a forest. Whenever they have free time, they go there to collect waste like plastic bottles, polyethylene, cardboard left by picnickers.

Then, they sort the waste. The couple has set up special containers near their workshop. It was their desire to take care of the environment that inspired the two to create eco-friendly sunglasses from coffee and flax.

“In comparison to plastic, our glasses decompose after several years in water or soil. And they don’t emit any hazardous substances. Their composition is completely neutral. In addition to this, coffee is a great fertilizer for plants,” Havrylenko said.

The couple organized the manufacturing in their home. After months of research and experiments, they came up with a way to turn coffee into a firm material, which they use to make glasses. Havrylenko gets used coffee grounds from a café. The flax to decorate the temples comes from industrial remains.

“One man from Colombia messaged me, he owns a coffee shop. He said: we have a lot of used coffee grounds which we just throw away, maybe we should send them to you?” Havrylenko said.

It takes three portions of espresso, seven days and almost 40 processes to make one pair of glasses.

The final touches are done manually. The rim is ground and covered with oil. Then, the temples and lenses are installed.

“What I realize when I make the glasses, is that every rim is unique. None of them are the same. Because they’re handmade,” glassmaker Maryna Halchuk said.

Now, the shop produces traditional rims with colorful protective lenses. Havrylenko created one pair, especially for his wife. She was the one who offered the idea to her husband, who works as an optician. When he brought the idea to life, it was she that became the first owner of the organic glasses.

“I was there when he worked to get the right level of firmness for nights, weeks, months. I’m a fan of cat-eye glasses. I asked my husband to make such glasses. Of course, I wear them. I have different lenses for each outfit – red, purple, yellow. I love them. I’m his number one fan,” she said.

The starting price of the glasses is $69. Havrylenko has already received more than a hundred orders from abroad – mostly from the U.S. Now, he plans to put the glasses into mass production and use the proceeds to clear Ukrainian forests from plastic waste.

Source UATV
date 21.11.2018
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