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A small garage in the small Western Ukrainian city of Horodok is home to an impressive project that is wowing locals. Riding the wave of going green, we take a look this eco-friendly transport solution



In his small garage in western Ukraine, Vasyl Terteka gets ready to go out for a drive in his car — but first, he must unplug it! The pensioner, already known for being a skilled inventor, built this electric car himself. It took him just three months over the winter, after realizing that a small economical car would be better suited to the job than an electric bike.

“I bought a used electric bike and re-made it: fixed the engine, changed the battery. And I did it all because I wanted to use it to go to my apiary, which is 25 kilometers from here. But it was a bit hard to drive such distances on a bike, I’m not getting any younger. So I decided to construct a little electric car. At least no wind is blowing into your face and no rain is pouring on your head — much better than the bike,” the builder and owner of the electric car, Vasyl Terteka, said.

Terteka learned the basics of electronics 40 years ago on a radio mechanics course. He also taught himself some extra skills, on the internet, in order to build his car. The vehicle cost him $1,500 to make. He says it now costs him just 10 euro cents to drive 100 kilometers in his little car — something that would cost at least €6.70 in a regular car.

“I had no drawings or plans. I simply started making the front suspension part, and then slowly, little by little, I made the frame. I left enough space here in front to fit in the batteries, to make sure all the weight doesn’t fall on the back of the car because there would be passengers too. I then tested what I had put together and only afterwards started covering it in polycarbonate plates,” Terteka said

Terteka did not come up with any prior plans or drawings before he made The Bee. He simply started by creating the front suspension and got all the rest of his measurements along the way. Although at the start, many people didn’t think he could pull it off, now they’re lining up for test drives.

“It’s neatly done and ecologically clean, no emissions at all. It’s a very good car. I wish I could buy a car like this one, but I don’t have enough money,” Horodok town resident Stepan Kalaban said.

“I’ve been looking at it and thinking whether someone could give me one too. Very nice and comfortable, it is small and can get around here and there easily,” Horodok town resident Melania Sosenko said.

The car is very compact, but can fit another passenger. It reaches a speed of up to 58 kilometers per hour and can go for 100 kilometers on one full charge. The inventor has been asked to sell the car multiple times but is resolute that this one’s all for him.

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date 09.07.2019
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