$ 7 140 000 has already been allocated to pay “quarantine” assistance to entrepreneurs


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More than 300 000 entrepreneurs and employees, who stopped their work due to increased restrictions, have already applied for a quarantine $280 from the state as of April 28. This was reported by UATV with reference to the press service of the Ministry of Economy of Ukraine.

The first payments have already been sent to the entrepreneurs and employees who submitted applications in the first days of the state program.

“Those employees who applied in the first days of the program are already starting to receive government help. The first $7 140 000 have already been sent to the accounts. I want to say, if necessary, additional funds will be provided for the program, because it will be available during 2021 for all regions that are in the “red” zone”, Minister of Economy Ihor Petrashko said.

The government also recalled that in addition to state help, entrepreneurs who have suspended their activities due to their region falling into the “red” quarantine zone may receive additional payments from the local budget. The decision on the introduction of such payments will be made by local governments.

At the same time, in order to receive assistance from the local budget, one doesn’t need to submit a separate application – registration in the Diia application will be enough.

“Then the Ministry of Digital Affairs, within 10 days after the deadline for submitting applications, prepares and transfers to local authorities, on whose territory restrictive anti-epidemic measures have been introduced, lists of insured persons for making a decision on providing assistance at the expense of the relevant local budget”, they explain in the Ministry of Economy.

According to received information, local authorities will continue to draw up their own lists of those who will receive assistance from local budgets.

The Prime Minister spoke about business support programs in Ukraine.


date 28.04.2021
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