It is necessary to increase taxes but so that no one goes “in the shadows”, – the president



Ukraine doesn’t plan to increase taxes for the citizens, small and medium businesses. President Volodymyr Zelenskyy spoke about this on May 20, during a press conference at the Antonov plant, the correspondent of the UATV reports.

“There is no need to manipulate on this topic, Ukrainians – medium, small business – won’t pay more taxes. And big business should help people and the state. They help the state – the state supports them”, – the head of state said.

As an example, the President mentioned the metallurgical industry and large enterprises operating in it.

“The price for ore is rising, so it is possible to increase revenues from enterprises to the budget. It seems to me that this is fair”, – he said. 

Volodymyr Zelenskyy is convinced that tax increases “need to be reasonable so that no one goes into the “shadow”. 

“We understand how which of the entrepreneurs earns. We understand exactly how to make that no one close the business. But when there is a war, when the situation is difficult for us, when people have to pay pensions, we will not allow them to earn 200-300% at the expense of the state”, – the president concluded.

date 20.05.2021
categories Economics

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