State support for family farms: the government increased the volume of financial support


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The government has increased the amount of subsidies to newly created family farms from $ 110 to $180 per hectare, UATV reports.

“Agrarians can receive a subvention in the amount of $180 per hectare, but in total no more than $125 per farm. Because the development of small family farms is one of our priorities in the agricultural industry”, – Prime Minister of Ukraine Denys Shmyhal said.

According to the government, there are almost 50,000 family farms in Ukraine. These are only those farmers who farm on small plots.

Many farmers are developing their production with the help of new technologies, says Denys Shamshyn, deputy head of the investment economics department of the Donetsk regional department of agro-industrial development and land relations.

“Today we see the initiative of young farmers who are developing, including with the help of new technologies, our farming segment in the region and the country as a whole. These are cheese dairies, jams, etc.”

The program to support the agro-industrial sector has been operating in Ukraine for the 4th year already. During this time, only in the Donetsk region, the number of family farms has doubled.

The Ministry of Economy told who will receive the state aid.

date 29.04.2021
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