US $ 155 million support for Ukraine



The United States of America will provide Ukraine with additional financing for development in the amount of 155 million dollars, reports UATV with reference to the “Government portal“.

“In partnership with the Ukrainian government, USAID will focus on improving the lives of Ukrainians. Additional resources will be used to address a number of key issues in various spheres of Ukraine’s development,” the information says.

To support economic growth and improve the health of Ukrainians, $34 million will be allocated. Financing concerns activities in the following areas:

– restoring Ukraine after the COVID-19 pandemic by improving the quality of basic medical services for Ukrainians;

– increasing transparency and expanding economic opportunities in the energy, agriculture and financial industries;

– assistance in the development of the land market.

$14 million will be allocated to improve anti-corruption measures, such as:

– supporting reforms and ensuring the protection of anti-corruption institutions in order to counteract entrenched interests, so that all of Ukraine’s resources will be used for the benefit of its people;

– reducing the volume of corruption in the health sector and providing Ukraine with assistance in the procurement of essential medicines in order to reduce unofficial payments from patients and ensure access to quality medicines at a lower cost;

– support for the further development of e-government platforms that facilitate citizens’ access to services.

$63 million has been allocated to counter the aggression of the Russian Federation, which will be spent on:

– protecting human rights and ensuring access to justice for Ukrainians who have suffered from the aggression supported by the Kremlin;

– reducing the energy and economic dependence of Ukraine on Russia by facilitating the connection to the energy network of Europe, as well as strengthening Ukrainian enterprises that operate in the east of the country;

– expanding citizens’ access to high-quality and objective information in order to counteract malicious influence and misinformation, support European integration and strengthen democratic processes in Ukraine.

$44 million is earmarked to strengthen democracy and governance:

– expanding judicial reform in order to develop a more independent system that guarantees respect for the rule of law and equal access to justice;

– strengthening united territorial communities and ensuring wider provision of quality services to help advance the decentralization reform;

– encouraging youth leadership and innovation, as well as participation in forming a democratic, pluralistic, European state.

The United States will continue to provide military assistance to Ukraine.

date 20.04.2021
categories Economics

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