Electrifying Old Vehicles

Ukrainian pensioner Viktor Shpychko transformed a broken gyro-scooter and a bike cart into electric vehicles


Ukrainian pensioner Viktor Shpychko transforms old bicycles into electric models as a hobby.

He created an electric vehicle from a broken gyro-scooter and a bike cart.

“Well, here I’ve taken a seat. I ride forward, and then backward. It’s very easy. I may say it’s as easy as can be. I highly recommend it,” Shpychko said.

He bought a broken gyro-scooter and a bike cart from an overstock store. He had wondered whether it would be possible to repair.

“It didn’t work. I fixed it. It turned out that the batteries did not work. But while we were fixing the problem — we understood its design — how it’s made and how it works and so on. Then we found a motorbike cart. We took this bike cart and combined it with the gyro-scooter,” the craftsman said.

Now Shpychko goes to the countryside on his hybrid transport. It helps him to save both energy and money. This way, there’s no need to spend money on bus fares.

Over the past ten years, he has spent all his free time in his workshop. He disassembles and repairs various devices. Recently, he found himself engrossed in tinkering with electric transport systems.

Now, among other things, Shpychko transforms ordinary bicycles into electric models.

“It is better because it carries you, and you just ride. Well, there is no need to pedal, roughly speaking. It is very good for pensioners with heart conditions. That is, there is no exertion, while the person is riding,” he said.

Another advantage of an electric bike lies in its savings. He calculated that one kilometer on it costs him only a penny. Now locals bring him their bikes for repairs.

“Sometimes there are failed batteries, other times we repair the batteries. Some people have modern bikes – they are quite smart, they have the so-called brains — electronic circuits. Sometimes you have to deal with these issues. Many bicycles that come from Europe have so-called chips. They are kind of encoded,” the pensioner said.

Shpychko is converting his friends into riding ecologically clean and economical transports. He dreams about special parking lots with charging stations for electric bicycles appearing in Chernihiv someday.

Source UATV
date 05.11.2019
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