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A special fund is helping Ukrainians 'green' their buildings


Now residents of high-rise buildings will be able to get financial resources for warming and modernizing their homes.

Ukraine’s Energy Efficiency Fund applies to almost all urban residents, Viktor Mykhayliv, a legal expert from the Office of Support and Implementation of Reforms of the Ministry of Regional Development said at the Ukraine Reform Conference in Toronto, Canada.

“The Fund is a tool for financing the energy modernization of housing. It will help people to get high-quality housing services and at the same time pay less,” Mykhayliv said.

He said that often, more than 60 percent of a building’s heat gets wasted due to outdated heating systems and the lack of proper insulation.

Some of the biggest impacts in gaining energy-efficiency have been through the modernization of entire apartment buildings, rather than separate rooms.

Mykhayliv said that many foreign partners have achieved success by implementing energy efficiency funds. Ukraine’s own has attracted a huge number of international partners, including representatives of the World Bank and the German Development Agency.

Ukraine has ambitious plans to green its buildings in the coming years, Mykhayliv said.

Source UATV
date 06.07.2019
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