English Classes for Retired Soldiers

The program is provided by the British Council with support from NATO


Photo Ministry of Interior of Ukraine


Within the NATO program on resettlement of retired soldiers, the British Council offers English classes for the veterans. An official opening ceremony of the English course was held in the center on November 2, 2019, the press center of the Ministry of Interior of Ukraine reported.

The course is aimed to help former soldiers integrate into civilian life. With the facilitation of the British Council, 5,000 former military officers have gained the necessary skills to find employment under this cooperation program since 2000.

According to the press release of the Ministry of Interior of Ukraine, many of this year’s trainees are Donbas war veterans, four members are retired soldiers of the National Guard.

According to the Deputy Head of the NATO liaison in Ukraine, this year’s NATO civilian budget allocated for the resettlement of retired soldiers and will cover training courses for 750 former soldiers, setting up 35 courses in different occupations, in 24 Ukrainian cities.

From the start of the program in 2000, NATO helped to facilitate integration into civil life and occupy civil professions for 11,500 former soldiers of Armed Forces of Ukraine, National Guard, State Border Guard Service, and Special Service of Ukraine in more than 65 cities around Ukraine.

Members of the course are expected to achieve upper-intermediate level of English as well as practicing interviewing and CV writing.

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date 02.11.2019
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