English for Veterans

They exchanged military drills for English courses. 16 Ukrainian soldiers and war veterans studied the language as part of a 4-month NATO program. They received their certificates in the office of the British Council



During the course, Ukrainian military personnel learned how to write CVs and had a range of recruitment interviews. This can help them to find the dream job for themselves. and also adapt back to civilian life. Now in 19 years, nearly 2,000 former military officers took this English courses.

“When employer from the British Council asked me: ‘Where do you live?’ I said: ‘I live in Chernihiv.’ ‘But it’s 150 kilometers from Kyiv. Can you visit these classes?’ — ‘Of course! It’s just 150 kilometers every day. One side and come back’,” Ukrainian soldier Serhiy Dovbysh said.

“NATO believes that human security is important and transition into civilian life from a military career is part of human security. I also must stress that it is extremely important for us to continue to assist Ukraine and it’s government, Armed Forces and other security formations in mitigating social and economic consequences of the current crisis,” a coordinator of NATO-Ukraine professional development program, Marcin Koziel, said.

Source UATV
date 11.07.2019
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