Epiphany Celebration on Jordan River

Pılgrıms from around the world gathered on the west bank of the holıest sıte of chrıstıanıty namely the Jordan river, to celebrate the epiphany.


Hundreds of Orthodox Christian pilgrims from around the world have arrived at the West Bank site of Qasr Al-Yahud. This is where they re-enacted the baptism of Jesus Christ in the Jordan River. This is also the third most holy site in Christianity.

Each year people immerse themselves in the water. Some historians believe that this is the site where John baptized Jesus.

This day is a holy day when people are celebrating the baptism of Jesus Christ in the Jordan river.

The ceremony takes place simultaneously on both the Israeli and the Jordanian river banks.

According to Orthodox tradition, baptism is performed by immersion into the water three times. The annual ceremony at Qasr Al-Yahud is led by the Greek Orthodox Patriarch of Jerusalem.

Events for the Epiphany will take place throughout the region from January 18th through the 20.

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date 19.01.2019
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