European Commission: Nord Stream 2 Is Not in Line with EU Strategy

The EC said that it does not meet the security interests of the European Energy Union


Photo from Ukrinform–UATV


The European Commission (EC) has confirmed the unaltertability of its position regarding the Nord Stream 2 project.

The organization said that it is still not compliant with the European Union energy security strategy. It said that it does not meet the security interests of the European Energy Union.

A spokesperson for the EC on Energy, Climate Change and Environment, Anna-Kaisa Itkonen, stated this in Brussels, Ukrinform reported.

“The European Commission’s position on the Nord Stream 2 is well known and remains unchanged,” Itkonen said.

She added that the EC does not comment on materials published by the European media in the beginning of the week. Specifically, journalistic investigations about lobbying and corruption agreements between some European governments, individual companies and some EU governing bodies on the construction of Nord Stream 2, in favor of Russia.

The Nord Stream 2 project will bring Russian gas directly to Western Europe, but critics say it will increase dependence on Russia and enrich its state-owned energy firms, at a time when Moscow is accused of endangering European security. Some of the most vocal critics are Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania, whose foreign and defense ministers met with their American counterparts in Washington this past week. The United States also opposes the project.

Germany supports the pipeline and insists that it is a “commercial project.”


Source Ukrinform
date 19.04.2018
categories Ukraine and the EU
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