Event Encourages Body Positivity

"Everything comes from within" - event organizer Tatyana Kotelkina


About fifty Ukrainian women of different ages and body sizes walked along Kyiv’s Kontraktova Square on an improvised catwalk, showing how different beauty can be.

Among the participants of the “Beauty Opens Hearts” project were a number of plus-size models.

“We show beauty for what it is. We are not only collecting standard models. We will have many plus-size models today, which you most likely have already seen somewhere. I myself am a participant in one of the projects. And we should show that non-standard beauty is beautiful too,” model Mila Galitsa said.

The main goal of the event was to encourage people to feel positive about their bodies.

“Body-positivity is the very perception of how you feel now and how you carry yourself. Because everything comes from within, and if we don’t have harmony inside, there will be no harmony externally. That is to say, body positivity is a main component of self-acceptance,” organizer and participant Tatyana Kotelkina said.

Source UATV
date 07.07.2019
categories Culture
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