Every Student Has a Place in Best Teacher’s Classroom

15 school teachers have been awarded at the Kyiv city administration. They competed in 5 nominations. This year, a new category was introduced - inclusive class teacher. Our correspondent talked to the winner in this nomination.


For 4th graders in Svitlana Liubchyk’s class, every lesson starts the same way – with warm-ups and interactive activities.

Some of the children have speech impediments or intellectual disabilities. Liubchyk believes in giving every child special attention. That is why she organizes mini-trips, instead of ordinary lessons.

“My students like case-lessons that are held not in the classroom, not in the school itself, but outside it. They could be held in the yard, in the park, or somewhere in the stadium. We were at the Pyrohiv park. It is very good there. They have nature lessons, along with drawing and physical education,” she said.

Ivan Kozenko has been at the school since second grade. He has a hearing impairment and at first, it was difficult for him to study.

“Previously, I didn’t know at all how to solve math problems. And now I know,” the fourth-grader said.

Now, Kozenko is the best mathematician in the class. He says this is because of the teacher who can always find time for individual lessons.

“Svitlana Mykolayivna gives us assignments and breaks for physical activity. She travels and plays with us, asks everyone if he or she understands everything. We can come to her and she’ll explain everything,” student Kateryna Ruchka said.

This year, the school nominated Liubchyk for the title of the best inclusive class teacher.

“She analyzed every child with special educational needs. Therefore, we had no doubt whom to nominate for the title of Teacher of the Year,” Principal Nadiya Fenchenko said.

The “Inclusive Class Teacher” nomination was established only this year. Teachers of geography, health, French, and homeland defense also took part in the competition, with three winners in each nomination. Liubchyk won first place for “Inclusive Class Teacher.” She received a diploma and a $600 reward.

“Money and rewards are not the main things for me. The main thing is the smiles of my students and gratitude from their parents. This is the biggest joy in my life,” Liubchyk said.


Source UATV
date 24.04.2019
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