Exhibition of Crimean Tatar Deportation Presented in NY

The exhibition will run until September

Photo Ukrinform-UATV

The exhibition, ‘Faces of the Crimean Tatar Deportation – 75 Years Later’ exhibition opened in the Ukrainian Museum in New York this past Saturday.

“Now the Crimean Tatars are also forced to leave Crimea due to oppression, political repressions against youth and members of the Mejlis… This is sad. On the eve of the 75th anniversary, we again reflect on the fact that the tragic history of the Crimean Tatars repeats, unfortunately,” Ukrayinska Pravda Online Editor in Chief Sevgil Musayeva said.

The best way to tell the complex story of deportation was to show people’s portraits, Musayeva said. The exhibition includes portraits of deportation witnesses taken by Crimean Tatar photographer Zarema Yaliboylu, who visited Crimea this past March.

“She traveled to Crimea especially for this purpose and was taking photos there for two weeks. Her visit coincided with a new wave of arrests of Crimean Tatars. All of them, old and young, are very concerned about this. Even in these portraits, in their eyes, you can see anxiety, sadness, pain,” Musayeva said.

The exhibition will last until September. Afterward, organizers plan to exhibit the portraits in Canada and Ukraine. Musayeva said that the idea was implemented thanks to the cooperation of team members in Kyiv, New York, and Cambridge, as well as the Crimean House and Ukrainian Museum in New York.

The events of the past five years have brought Crimean Tatars and Ukrainians together and helped them to overcome bygone prejudices.


Source Ukrinform
date 06.05.2019
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