Experience Exchange at Kharkiv University

Hundreds of freshman international college students met at Kharkiv's National University to share experiences at the Council of Foreign Students


Leen Khalouf came to Ukraine from Saudi Arabia to study medicine. She chose the National University of Kharkiv out of the list of top 500 universities of the world.

“It has a good ranking, you get a good education, you get to see the outer world. I grow up in the Middle East, so going abroad was always a choice for me. So going to a country that’s in Europe and it’s going forward in the future – it’s a really good choice for me. And they treat their students super-well, so when I came here I felt like I am still home in a new place, you could say,” Khalouf said.

Leen also says the lower tuition fees compared to other European universities are also positive.

“I have a twin brother. And Having two children studying at a university can be super expensive for my parents. If I wanted to go study abroad for example in Britain, or America or any other country,” Khalouf said.

Students of all nationalities live and study together. Despite martial law in the city, the classes at the university continue.

“I knew that despite the martial law my study will not be interrupted or stopped. I just felt normal about it,” Samuel Ayodele, a student at the Karazin Kharkiv National University said.

“I am very lucky to live in the same dorm with such great guys as Sam and others. Because I have a chance to learn something about medicine, something about African countries. It’s my specialty after all,” Oleksiy Samuilov, a student at the Karazin Kharkiv National University said.

There is one, slightly less serious thing they disagree on: and that is what the best type of Ukrainian soup is.

“We have some soups and they have borscht soup although my Ukrainian friends tell me borscht is the best,” Ayodele said.

After the students took an oath, they selected the President of the Council of Foreign Students via anonymous text message voting.

“The first thing I plan to do is to reorganize the student council. We now have many members from the department of medicine but few from other departments. We will gather everyone now, find all active students and start working,” Madamin Asrorov, President of the Foreign Students Council at the Kharkiv National University said.

For now, the medical department is the most popular among foreign students. However, the university is trying to attract students to other specialties as well.

“We want all departments to have foreign groups so that they would all be represented with a high level of foreign language skills and professional training,” Oleksiy Navrotskyi, Head of the Institute of International Education said.

Currently, Kharkiv National University has 4,500 foreign students from 50 countries.

Source UATV
date 06.12.2018
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