Extension of Balukh’s Term: Video of ‘Fight’ Bringing to Second Charge

A video of the questionable 'fight' has been released


Photo RFE/RL


A video of the so-called “fight” between Ukrainian political prisoner Volodymyr Balukh and former head of the detention center Valery Tkachenko that took place in the Razdolnensky temporary detention center has been released. This was a planned provocation by the head of the detention center, a lawyer of the prisoner Olha Dinze believes, Crimea.Realities reported.


Video RFE/RL

The incident occurred two years ago. As a result of the “fight,” a second criminal case was opened against the Kremlin prisoner. Balukh declared then that the former head of the detention center beat him numerous times. However, Tkachenko accused Balukh of assault with the Russian court taking his side.

“A stroke from Tkachenko’s side to Balukh’s back can be seen with total clarity, and a natural normal reaction emerges after: when you are beaten from behind, you just get a reflex, and he [Balukh] waved his hand,” Dinze said.

“This video very clearly demonstrates a deliberate provocation against our Volodymyr Balukh. The invaders stop at nothing in this war,” Ukrainian Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin wrote on Twitter.

Source Crimea. Realities
date 08.07.2019
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