Head to Head with General Viktor Muzhenko

The Ukrainian General discussed his views with UATV on the escalating situation in Donbas


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The worsening situation in Donbas, which emerged recently with an increase in the number of daily attacks on Ukrainian positions, is the responsibility of Russia. Russia manages all aspects of the military structure in occupied Donbas so to question if Russia has lost control of the so-called local militias is wrong.

General of the Army, Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces from 2014 to 2019, Viktor Muzhenko said this during an interview with UATV.

“The issue is not the loss of control by Russia over the militias, mercenaries, and so on. The issue is that the Russian Federation carries out military, operational management of those structures which are in the occupied territories of Donetsk and Luhansk regions. The first and Second Army Corps are those structures that are managed from the Russian Federation, i.e., their management center is located in territory of the Russian Federation. This is Novocherkassk, and Rostov, and Moscow by and large. These formation run commands through the higher military and political leadership of the Russian Federation,” said Muzhenko.

However, Russia does not have direct control over illegal armed groups in Donbas, Muzhenko pointed out.

“If Russia withdraws its troops from the territory of the occupied areas, removes their team roster, will halt the supply of weapons and equipment, material assistance and sponsorship of these structures [not only military, but also administrative], Ukrainian border guards on the border, then all of the conditions are met, which would ensure a peaceful settlement of the conflict in the southeastern part of Ukraine,” Muzhenko said.

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date 12.06.2019
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