UATV’s “Faces of Maidan” Stories Devoted to Revolution of Dignity

UATV presents stories from six Euromaidan participants


UATV’s upcoming “Faces of Maidan” series is a set of stories concerning Ukrainians who fought for their country’s future during the Euromaidan protest.

The stories include that of a student Vitaliy Kuzmenko, who was beaten by security forces on Nov. 30, of neurosurgeon Andriy Huck, a coordinator of the Euromaidan medical service, Ostap Stasiv, who is one of the founders of the Open University of Maidan, priest Konstantyn Kholodov, pianist Bohdan Dniprov, and journalist Bogdan Kutiepov, who was one of the first video streamers to live broadcast the events.

The “Faces of Maidan” series tells their stories from their perspectives. The series concerns both the struggle for territory and civil clashes at Maidan, as well as the cultural and educational events surrounding Euromaidan.

“These people of all ages and professions came from all over Ukraine and united for a single purpose,” UATV journalist Eugene Burda said.

“In our stories, we talk about a doctor at Euromaidan, who became the embodiment of the medical care provided during the Revolution of Dignity. Andriy Huk was one of the coordinators of the Euromaidan medical service. From a single medical center this initiative grew to 20 medical centers all around Maidan,” Burda said. “This is an example of self-organization and cohesion. As the doctor said, one ambulance car was (even) transported from abroad by Ukrainians, who were working in Slovakia.”

“Maidan is an extremely important episode in the history of Ukraine and of modern Europe. It is an example of how, by themselves, people changed the course of history. The Association Agreement with the EU had been in preparation for many years. In just a few days, there was an attempt to sabotage the agreement. However, people didn’t allow the government to do it. It’s important to remind Ukrainians about this turn of events,” Burda said. “Maidan changed the lives of many people, including the life of one of the protagonists of our stories – Bohdan Dniprov. He told me that he came over to Maidan from the side of the Anti-Maidan.”

“All my heroes were satisfied by the results of EuroMaidan. Despite the fact that not everything has succeeded, and not all reforms have been introduced, and the bureaucracy remains in place. Despite the absence of sentences for people who shot the activists of the Revolution of Dignity. These six Euromaidan participants say that they’ve defended (the country’s) values and the path of development. These are changes that can’t come in a single day. The ones most disappointed in EuroMaidan, are the ones who weren’t there, or those who didn’t fully understand what Euromaidan was about,” Burda said.

The “Faces of Maidan” project starts today and will last until Nov. 24. Today’s series introduces the story of student Vitaliy Kuzmenko.

Source UATV
date 19.11.2018
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