Famous Ukrainian Poets and Musicians Perform at Front Line

The Ukrainian performers, poets and musicians gave a concert on the frontline


Well-known Ukrainian performers, poets, and musicians traveled to the front line to raise the morale of Ukrainian soldiers.

“The war changed everything for me. The fact that on these territories where I was born, where I grew up, where I knew a lot of people and knew every road, stop, turn, and everything else. Suddenly, armed foreigners, a fron tline, casualties, destroyed houses. There is no way it wouldn’t influence me,” said writer and musician Serhiy Zhadan.

It was less than 10 kilometers from the community center where the entertainers gathered to the location of the famous Donetsk airport – the site of heavy fighting between Ukrainian soldiers and Russian hybrid forces.

Yet, there was no feeling of being on the front line in the old community center. For Ukrainian soldiers, it was a chance to distract themselves from the army routine, for locals — to forget the terrors of the war.

“It is important to feel the support from the Big Land today. Especially during this boring trench warfare and bleak weather. It’s like bein


g home,” said Ukrainian soldier Anatoliy.


The crowd listened with rapt attention when Zhadan and fellow poet Kateryna Kalytko read their poetry.

After them, the lively Ukrainian hip-hop band, Tanok Na Maidani Kongo, entered the spotlight.

They got the soldiers singing and waving their arms.

At the end of the concert, all of the participants came to the front stage.

“A flood of positive emotions, great mood, great evening. They have lifted our spirits and our morale, which is important,” said one of the concertgoers.

On the volunteer radio, Ihor Yashchenko broadcast the song by Tanok Na Maidani Kongo.

Soon, the entertainers were his guests on air, where they shared their impressions of the concert.

“The military are more prepared. Some of them attended concerts back at home. They usually sing along or start dancing. Today locals also started singing along. This was very unusual for me, but also interesting and pleasant. The reaction here on the front lines really shows what these people are. It shows who they are,” Zhadan said.

Musician Oleh Mykhailiuta said that he felt how the fight for independence united many Ukrainians.

“It suddenly turned out that millions of people are not indifferent, that it is their worldview. I was very surprised and it gave the unshakable belief that it was not random,” he said.

Artists had only one free day to come to the frontlines, as there is a lot to be done back home. But they reassure that they’ll be back.

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date 11.11.2019
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