Science Festival in Kyiv

Robot games, lectures, and workshops. A festival of robotics and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) education was held in Kyiv. Over a thousand schoolchildren from all over Ukraine presented hand-made robots - as well as projects dedicated to space exploration


“Onwards to orbit!” was the theme of this year’s science festival.

Fifty teams of schoolchildren from 6-to-16 years old from all over Ukraine showed their projects in Kyiv.

There, the “Optimus” team, a youth team from Kamianka-Dniprovska created a miniature model of a spaceship that could be used to travel from Earth to Mars.

“We wrote a letter to the Space Works aerospace company. We were answered. Dr. Bradford is the president of the company. He greatly appreciated our work and allowed us to officially use the illustration of this spacecraft to create a model,” a team trainer Dmytro Lebid said, showing off a letter with an image of the spaceship that the children used to create their model.

Another team, “IT Way,” came from Kramatorsk. They brought an automatic anti-fire alarm and fire extinguishing system for space ships.

“How can you extinguish a fire in space. That is, you can’t extinguish it with water, or sand. The lack of gravity will scatter it and so we decided to push oxygen away from the place of ignition. How did we do this? By launching another inert gas at it that cannot combust,” Vitaliy, a team member said.

Some of the teams’ trainers said that the experience of creating these projects offers students not only fun, but also benefits.

“As Albert Einstein used to say, ‘What you have learned, you will forget. But you will never forget what you did with your own hands!'” team trainer, Andriy Lukianenko said.

Participants also presented a variety of model robots.

For instance, the “Mask” team from the Cherkasy region created robo-animals.

“This is a gorilla robot. I found the idea on the internet and then I decided to program it. He has several functions. He can sleep, get angry, and if you give him a banana – it makes him happy,” robot creator Andriy said.

At the end of the festival, a jury votes on the best projects.



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date 09.04.2019
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