Festival Sweet Wonder in Kherson Region

More than 10 thousand people visited the festival


The Kherson region in the south of Ukraine is famous for its watermelons. For years the town of Hola Prystan’ has held festivals to celebrate the watermelon harvest every August. This year’s Sweet Wonder festival was attended by thousands.

Farmers are barely keeping up with the demand. Thousands arrived at Hola Prystan in the South of Ukraine to taste watermelons fresh from the harvest.

Sweet and tasty, big and small. Farmers say this year’s watermelon harvest did not disappoint. As a result, the prices are as low as they get. Yuriy bought 44 kilograms. He’s now faced with a challenge of putting that many watermelons on his bicycle.

Some weren’t quite happy with the weather, however. Farmer Olha said due to the recent colds her watermelons didn’t grow as large as they do usually… but they still taste good.

“It’s not great. Last year was good, for us anyway, both in terms of quality and the size of watermelons,” she said.

Here at Hola Prystan watermelons are not only consumed raw but also turned into delicious jam, drinks and even watermelon porridge.

Hola Prystan has been referred to as Ukraine’s watermelon capital for years. While this is the 16 edition of the “Sweet Wonder” festival, watermelon-themed feasts have been held in this town since early 20th century.

“Celebrations have been held in Hola Prystan since 1924. The first event was very beautiful and grand, older residents say. There was a tractor leading the parade, there were all the young people dressed in Ukrainian national costumes and wearing wreaths,” local resident Anna Ivanenko said.

At the competition for the largest watermelon victory was awarded to a 32 kilogram beast — that’s seven kilos more than the last year’s record. More than 10 thousand people visited the festival.

Source UATV
date 13.08.2019
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