Festive Kyiv

Folks celebrated the arrival of the new year outside in the frosty air gathered on Sofiivska square, in Kyiv. There 2019 began with the national anthem followed by dancing and holiday cheer


It wasn’t even noon on January the 1st, but crowds began to gather on Sofiyivska square. Most were families with small children, who celebrated at home and went out to central Kyiv to have a look at the country’s main Christmas tree.

“We decided to go out into the city today to see the Christmas tree. ’cause it’s a family holiday. When else will we have such an occasion,” one of the parents said.

At Sofiyivska Square, you can have some holiday treats, enjoy a festive concert, go on different rides and get a picture taken with Father Christmas.

“Happy New Year! I wish you happiness and good health, which is the main thing, and, of course, to achieve your goals, to pursue them, to never give up and to be able to face your challenges,” Father Christmas said.

Plenty of fun activities awaited local residents and tourists on Kontraktova Square in the heart of Kyiv’s historic Podil district. There was a skating rink, an ice slide, as well as a Ferris wheel, and of course another Christmas tree.

“We arrived from the Netherlands, where I live with my family, to celebrate New Year in Ukraine. Out here there is plenty of fun, tasty food, a lot of interesting things for kids and adults alike. We are happy to celebrate the New Year in Kyiv, something we’ve been doing for many years now. I want to wish all Ukrainians good health, happiness and, most importantly, peace,” said Olha, a Ukrainian living in the Netherlands.

Winter festivities in Ukraine are far from over. The holiday fair on Sofiyivska Square doesn’t close until Jan. 13, while the one in Podil will stay open a week after.

Source UATV
date 03.01.2019
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