Film “Kruty 1918” is Released 100 years After Eponymous Battle

The Ukrainian action film, "Kruty 1918," was released 100 years after the historic battle of Kruty. In its first weekend following the premiere, theaters were packed


In 1918, 600 Ukrainian students and free Cossacks fought against 4,000 Bolsheviks. For much of Soviet history, the battle and the events surrounding it were hidden by authorities. But just a few years ago, in a now independent Ukraine, scriptwriter Konstantin Kanavalok decided to create a movie about it.

In Kyiv, a special screening was held for the main actors in the movie. They were pleased to see how the audience was moved after the screening. At the event, they discussed the film, behind the scenes.

“I believe the battlefield scene was the most complicated scene to recreate the atmosphere of, roughly speaking, death. Because 300 men against 3,000 is not a joke. Each of the students knew they would die,” actor Evheniy Lamakh said.

Today, the battle is considered a symbol of Ukrainian resistance against the Red Army. But it also shows the aspirations of the Ukrainian people to be free. Of course, there are echoes with the current situation in Eastern Ukraine, and the actors were aware of that during the filming.

“It was not a question for me to agree or not to agree to act in this movie. At that time I was studying in my fifth year of university and this is such an important and painful topic for our country. This is our history and it was, I believe, an honor for me. So there was no moment of hesitation, to agree or not to agree to act,” Lamakh said.

“For me, I saw and see a great symbol because this history repeats. As it was 100 years ago, so it is right now, the same story is in Ukrainian modern history. That’s why it’s a big symbol for me, for the actors, for the whole film team,” actor Maksym Donets said.

Based on the enthusiastic reactions of the audience, the history genre could have a bright future in Ukraine. Another Kruty actor, Maksym Donets, said that he would love to play the role of Ukrainian poet Taras Shevchenko some day.

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date 11.02.2019
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