First Carpathian Rally Cup Starts in Lviv Region

65 kilometres of ice trails, steep slopes and sharp turns. The first stage of the national Carpathian Rally Cup series was held in Lviv region. Participants from different parts of the country gathered for the race


“These kinds of tires are very important for winter races. Any other type of tires would simply make it impossible to drive on these roads. Thanks to the spikes in the rubber, the car stays on track,” a tournament participant, Maksym Shykov said.

Before the start of the race Maksym carefully checks all the details. He has already won three times in the Ukrainian championships with this car.

“These are ordinary roads. Not a race track. A road that is used daily. It is interesting because we are not going in circles, but from one point to another. It’s impossible to remember this road,” Shykov added.

The reinforced frame has already saved Maksym’s life several times.

“In 2016, we did a dangerous front flip in this car, while in the Carpathians. I was scared for my life, but this frame saved us,” Shykov explained.

This team is taking part in the winter race for the first time. They say that both the driver and the navigator have to work as one.

“When you come to a tournament the organizers give us a book to familiarize ourselves. It has the description of all the turns in the track. I look at the book and tell him where to go, when to turn left or right. This is just for me so I would direct the driver,” a tournament participant, Anatoliy Shynkarenko said.

Participants have to beat the 65km track as fast as possible.

“Racing isn’t like chess. Any mistakes by the navigator or driver can lead to an accident, so all of the cars have to be prepared according to international standards,” tournament organizer Serhiy Yeshchynkov said.

This race is just the first stage of the Carpathian rally cup. The next two stages will be held in spring. The winner will be determined according to the results of all three stages.

Source UATV
date 10.02.2019
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