MH17 Plane Crash Victims Pen Letter to Russians

Dutch-led investigation team concluded that missile used to shoot down flight MH17 came from Russia's 53rd anti-aircraft brigade



Investigation results came in today showing that Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 plane was shot down by Russian forces.

Meanwhile, 10 relatives of victims of the crash, which occurred in 2014, wrote an open letter to the Russian people.

It was published by Russian media outlet, “Novaya Gazeta.” The letter, penned by Jon O’Brien, father of a victim, stated that relatives don’t blame Russians.

They related the tragedy to the 2015 Russian plane bombing in Egypt. The letter authors instead blame Russian authorities. They call on the Kremlin to cooperate with an international investigation, saying those responsible must be accountable.

“Despite it being nearly four years since our lives were shattered, we struggle to comprehend what happened. The people we love were killed in a war, a war in which they were not combatants, a war they had nothing to do with. We know they are not the only victims of this confrontation. More than 10,000 people have been killed, the majority of them civilians. Their families are grieving like ours, not understanding why the people they love have been snatched from them. It is the finality of death that is so painful. We could live with a separation, even of years, if we knew it had an end.”

“In 2014 our children and families lay lifeless amidst the fields and sunflowers of Eastern Ukraine. In 2015 Russian children and families lay lifeless on the stones and sand of the Egyptian desert. In death, we are not so different. Barriers of language, culture, differences in race or religion no longer matter. What remains is loss and love. Human loss and love,” the letter says.

Meanwhile, an agreement between Ukraine and Netherlands to cooperate in the accident investigation has been prolonged to August 1.

Source Ukrainska Pravda
date 24.05.2018
categories News releases, Society
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