In First Three Month of 2019 Ukraine Opened More Green Power Plants Than in Whole 2018

Over the past five years, nearly 2,200 megawatts of new facilities were opened and 2 billion euro were invested into renewable-energy power plants
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In the first three months of this year, Ukraine put into operation more renewable-energy power plants than in all of 2018, State Agency on Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving of Ukraine press service reports.

In 2018, 848 megawatts from renewable-energy power plants were commissioned, which is 14 megawatts less than during the first three months of 2019.

New solar power plants totally 648 megawatts were brought online. New wind power produces 173 megawatts. The remaining renewable-energy power plants are biogas and small hydroelectric power stations.

“Over the past five years, nearly 2,200 megawatts of new facilities have been introduced that produce ‘clean’ electricity. In the indicated capacity, about 2 billion euro were invested,” the statement said.

“Thanks to the development of renewable energy, Ukraine receives large volumes of investments, which not only make it energy independent but also improve the economy, the environment, as well as the welfare of the communities,” the statement said.

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date 05.04.2019
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