The First Ukrainian Environmental Blogger

An eco-blogger, whose work hasn't been left unnoticed. She has received an award for her efforts to protect the environment. Her name is Marianna Boiko, and she is the first Ukrainian environmental blogger


“I had some 20 minutes for taking pictures at the landfill,” Ukrainian eco-blogger, Marianna Boiko said.

This eccentric photo session was not Mariana’s strange whim, but a reality show, filmed on a dust heap.

“Do you know what a landfill looks like? It looks like a sea. It really looks like a sea with these waves. And it is not that bad. We made it look that way. These are our actions,” Boiko said.

Now Mariana Boiko is doing her best to change the minds of others. In 2015, she even launched a special blog, which later won an Eco-Oscar.

“Our family has now reduced the amount of our garbage by 70 times. Over the years of our eco-activity, and my eco-blogging, we kept three and a half thousand kilograms of garbage from going to a landfill. And that’s what is done just by our family,” Boiko said.

To share her view on zero waste, Mariana is attending the UN-led eco forum along with 40 other speakers. The forum itself was opened by UN Resident Coordinator Osnat Lubrani.

“One million species face the threat of extinction. And the rate of extinction is becoming more and quick and it’s all due to human activity and so it’s become more and more urgent to take actions to preserve the planet,” Osnat Lubrani said.

These steps for saving the planet, according to Lubrani, cannot be taken without artists. That is why Yulia Abramova, as well as the members of her “Residence of Thoughts” group,  created two installations specifically for the forum.

“This installation is called ‘Countdown’ showing that the Earth is dying from plastic. We use it, it accumulates, it poisons the soil, it kills every creature. The image of death here makes people think. Nevertheless, we still have hope,” artist Yulia Abramova said.

In Ukraine, this hope is being turned into reality. In March this year, President Petro Poroshenko signed the environmental strategy 2030 introducing new eco-standards and norms.

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date 17.05.2019
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