Former Ukrainian Transport Minister Sentenced to 2 Years in Russia

He confessed to damaging the Russian Embassy in Kyiv in June 2014


Photo Facebook/Nikolai Rudkovsky


The Moscow City Court in Russia sentenced the former Minister of Transport and former member of Ukrainian Parliament Mykola Rudkovsky for two years in a general regime colony for attacking the Russian Embassy in Kyiv in June 2014, Radio Svoboda (RFE/RL) reported with link to Russian media.

He was found guilty in an assault aimed at “worsening international relations.” The court took into account repentance and the honest confession of the crime as well as partial recovery of losses. The court counted as time served every day spent by Rudkovsky in the pre-trial facility. For time spent in a general regime colony, each calendar day was equal to 1.5 days of his sentence. He has been a colony since September 28, 2018.

Including the time already served, Rudkovsky will stay in jail for an additional three months before his sentence is complete.


Source UATV
date 09.12.2019
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