Foundation Supports Ukrainian Culture at Home & Abroad

The Ukrainian Cultural Foundation supports Ukrainian art, fosters cultural diversity, and promotes Ukrainian culture internationally. In 2019, it financed 433 projects on a competitive basis


For a month, the M-17 Kyiv Contemporary Art Center demonstrated art and media projects that were the winners of Ukrainian Cultural Foundation competitions in 2019.

One of the most notable was a project called “Inclusive Art.” The project included a painting for the visually impaired, paintings created by children with disabilities, and props for an inclusive theater.

During the year, the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation financed 39 art and media projects. That said, the fund works in other areas as well.

“There is the ‘Ukrainian Cultural Monitor’ program, aimed at supporting research. The program ‘Create an Innovative Cultural Product’ is the most intensive program designed to support the audiovisual sector, television, and film production. We also helped stage significant events, such as the Odesa Film Festival and the Lviv Book Forum — a total of 56 events,” Executive Director of the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation Yulia Fediv said.

The foundation not only helps to develop culture domestically but also promotes Ukraine internationally. For example, it helped present the Ukrainian publishers’ stand at the Frankfurt Book Fair.

Winners of the competitions demonstrated their skills abroad.

“Thanks to the emergence of state institutions for financing culture, Ukrainians can now compete on equal footing with cultural projects from other countries. Everyone knows that foundations will not support bad works. The next step has to be a comprehensive promotion of culture, a unifying factor, and not (only) targeted work in publishing, theater, or cinema,” EU Creative Europe Program Manager in Ukraine Kseniia Kalyna said.

The Ukrainian Cultural Foundation was established in 2017. During its two years of work, it’s supported cultural projects with funding of more than $26 million. This year, its assistance increased threefold in comparison with the previous year.

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date 05.12.2019
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