Four Supporters of Anti-Putin Shaman Detained

They were delivered to the police office after a complaint against them for alleged public fighting


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Four supporters of Aleksandr ‘Shaman’ Gabyshev have been detained in Irkutsk, mbk-news reported citing the coordinator of the Human Rights group ‘Defense of Postcard’ Alexey Pryanishnikov.

According to the outlet, among the detainees is Yevhen Rostokin, also known as Zhenia ‘Voron’ (Crow).

“He is now in the police office. Together with his fellow travelers, he was delivered there allegedly after a complaint on fighting in public. They are going to be interrogated. In fact, nobody was fighting there, all together they were in the rented apartments. They are from the group which was on a trek to Moscow,” Pryanishnikov said.

As reported earlier, Shaman Aleksandr Gabyshev, was walking from Yakutsk to Moscow to ‘cast out’ Putin from Russia.

He was detained by law enforcement officers in Buryatia during the night of September 19, 2019 alleging he committed a crime in his home region of Yakutia.

Later it became known that the criminal investigation against Gabyshev under the accusation of the public appeal for extremist actions was initiated on September 12, 2019. Gabyshev was released under personal recognizance with travel restrictions.

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date 22.09.2019
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