Freed Ukrainian Prisoners Banned for Life from Entering Russia

In an unsurprising move, Russia has reportedly banned the freed Ukrainian political prisoners for life


Photo from Ukrinform – UATV


11 of the 35 Ukrainians recently released from Russian prisons have reportedly been banned from entering the Russian Federation.

“I think the ban on entry into Russia applies to everyone. They all were added to the database, it is done automatically. All the accounts are blocked, all these people are monitored and controlled,” lawyer Dmitry Dinze said in comments to Hromadske Radio, reports Ukrinform.

Dinze described this ban as “lifelong.” According to him, this is done under a guise of “security of the Russian Federation.”

“Someone was told this, someone was not. But we are not fools, we understand perfectly well that these people are banned from entering [Russia] for life. Not for some 20 years, but for life,” the lawyer emphasized.

Ukrinform journalist Roman Sushchenko, who had been released as a result of Ukraine-Russia prisoner swap on September 7, was banned from entering Russia for 20 years. His lawyer, Mark Feygin, noted that ban on entry into the Russian Federation is a common practice in court rulings.

“But to be honest, I don’t see a big problem in that. Roman is highly unlikely to go to Russia under the present circumstances,” Feygin said.

However, the lawyer representing the 24 detained sailors has said that there is no ban applied to them as they are still considered criminal defendants in Russia. As such, they can be permitted to enter Russia.

This information was posted by lawyer Nikolai Polozov on Facebook to refute claims that all 35 returned Ukrainians were banned for life.

“In connection with numerous publications of inaccurate information in the media regarding the ban on entry into the Russian Federation imposed on 24 released Ukrainian sailors, we officially inform that 24 Ukrainian sailors are currently in the status of defendants in a criminal case under investigation by the FSB Investigation Department. Twenty-four Ukrainian military sailors have not been banned from entering the Russian Federation,” Polozov wrote on Facebook.

Source Ukrinform
date 18.09.2019
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