French Spring Festival

The French Spring festival is underway in Ukraine. This is a great opportunity to enjoy French music, food and cultural events. This year, a group of young French musicians are touring Ukraine as part of the festival


They are not even twenty years old yet but they are already performing pieces of classical music on stage in front of hundreds of people. The string quartet Danos from France is staging its first tour in Ukraine.

It’s part of the French Spring Festival. Their program consists of a mix of masterpieces from classical composers like Ravel and Schubert and contemporary Ukrainian ones like Myroslav Skoryk.

“This concert is a bit special. We made this project like an interaction between France and Ukraine. Choosing only French composers would have been a pity so we decided to select Ukrainian composers like Ivan Karabyts and Myroslav Skoryk. If I’m not mistaken it’s the 80th birthday of Skoryk and I really wanted to pay tribute to this master,” composer Pierre Thilloy said.

Thilloy is also a fan of poetry and he wanted to incorporate his favorite ones into his program. During their tour in Ukraine, the quartet Danos performs mixes of Chopin’s music and poems by Andre Gide. The poems are read in Ukrainian by actor Yevheniy Kholodniak.

“There’s a very cultivated audience here. I think one of the particular strengths of Ukraine is to be a country where you can find culture everywhere and at different levels. Ukrainians have really fine taste, they have a high cultural knowledge, they are smart and I can’t wait to see how they will react to this evening’s concert, what they will think about these musical works which are very different from each other,” Thilloy said

Rahel Coquema, 19, plays the viola in Danos. She met the other members of the string quartet at the conservatory. Since coming to Ukraine, Coquema said she is impressed and surprised by the love Ukrainian people feel towards French culture.

“Well, it’s really weird but I think the French culture is really present here so sometimes we don’t feel as if we were abroad but sometimes we really feel like even we were in France because Ukrainian people speak some words of French and I think this is really nice,” Coquema said.

French ambassador Isabelle Dumont made a small introduction at the start of the concert.

After the concert in Kyiv, the French Quartet is continued its tour of Ukraine. It also performs in Lviv, Rivne, and Chernivtsi.

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date 11.04.2019
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